What Do We Do?

The simplest definition is, we help to create materials geared towards taking your business to the next level.

Elitefold helps you with SEO optimized blog posts, Copywriting, Product Descriptions, Ebook writing, Newsletters, and Sales emails.

We help you create content that would improve your google ranking, triple your organic visitors, and boost your sales; We write and design sales brochures and E-flyers that gives your customers the classic physical feel of your business.

Our team includes world-class Copywriters and designers that are well-versed in creating crisp and conversion-focused content.

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Great writers - Great Copywriting

To get the best results, you need the best hands on the Job. We’ve gone through the thorough process of selecting the best writers for you, because we are interested in your growth. With Elitefold, you should expect nothing but quality, everytime.

Our Services

Sales Brochure Copywriting

There’s so much noise on the internet. Sales brochures help to take your message out of the screen and put it in the hands of your readers.

Company Profiles and Business Proposals

Your company profile represents how your audience sees you. It gives them a quick look at what your company is about.

Business Plan Writing Service

Are you starting your new business or trying to expand your business? A business plan gives your business structure.

Website Copywriting Service

Have you been struggling to turn prospects into paying clients? It can be annoying doing all the work to set up your business and end up with a website that doesn’t bring results.

SEO Copywriting Service

Many brands have come to us to help them make their page rank on google? They had spent time writing copy and more time optimizing it for SEO, only to not find it anywhere, not even on the 3rd page of google.

Landing Page Copywriting Service

If you’re an information marketer, digital marketer, business owner, or anyone trying to generate leads or launch a product, you should know how important a landing page is.

Blog Writing Service

Blogs keep your leads interested. Do you know that customers read an average of 3 of your blog posts before doing business with you?

Product Descriptions

Your eCommerce store needs a high-quality copy to turn your leads into paying customers. You cannot do it on your own, because a lot of expertise goes into writing copy that sells.

Ebook Writing Service

Do you have an idea but struggle to turn it into an ebook that people can read and enjoy? You spend months trying to piece your thoughts together, but your book never gets complete.

Happy Customers

We’ll create you a content that will drive sales like a charm!
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