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Company Profile and Business Proposal

Your company profile represents how your audience sees you. It gives them a quick look at what your company is about. It shows your target audience, your track records, and your unique selling propositions.  A well-written profile is a final tick your prospective customer needs to buy your product or use your service.

If you nail your company profile, you win a customer over your competition. These things may look little but they have a huge impact.

Your company profile should include:

  • Your Mission statement
  • Brand story
  • Information about your products and services
  • History
  • The impact you’ve had on others etc.

Company profiles build trust and make your potential customers want to relate more with you. But what you think may be perfect, may be boring to your readers. This is where we want to help.

How We Help With Your Company Profiles And Business Proposals

A Catchy Story

Your story is the ticket to the hearts of your audience. A story should have an appealing title and a hook that highlights your journey of starting your business or creating your product.

We make sure to avoid industry jargon that bores your readers to death. Instead, we use our copywriting knowledge to write content that would keep your readers glued to your page until the end.

Proper Formatting

Formatting is very important. Without proper formatting, no one would be able to read your work even if the best writer on earth writes it. It has to be adequately formatted, so reading your article wouldn’t be a chore. We would use: 

  • Bullet points
  • Headers
  • Images

While keeping it professional.

Inclusion of necessary details

The details make the difference. With our experience in writing Company profiles, we’ve understood the right information that would touch your customers and make them connect with you better.

Clear and Concise Writing

We understand how readers consume content. You will lose your readers if you don’t go straight to the point. 

It says well about your business when you can communicate your points in the most precise and quickest way possible.


Who would you buy from? A brand that people talk about or the opposite? The answer is pretty clear.

Social proof puts your brand in a place of authority. Testimonials from people who have used your product make people trust you instantly.  

Contact Information

Your contact information is useful online and offline. People need to have a way to contact you when they see your company profile. What’s the need to have a company profile if there’s no way to reach out to you?

Do You Want To Communicate Better and Make More Sales?

Why Should You Create a Company Profile?

Having a company profile is essential, but it’s not as important as having a well written one. Here are more reasons why having a Company Profile is essential.

Help Your Audience Know About Your Business

Whether you include it on Google my Business, your website, social media, or on marketing collaterals, your Company profile helps you show your audience what your business is about.

Clarify Who Your Target Audience Is

Many businesses struggle with defining their target audience. A company profile cements who your target audience is.



Company Profile Helps To Share Your Accomplishments And History

How do you feel when someone tells you about their past and what they have accomplished since then? We feel connected to people that share a bit of their journey with us. 

Promote Your Brand

When you create a company profile, you put yourself out there. Your customers would easily share your story with their friends, which would, in turn, boost your brand awareness.



Our Process

  •   We get on a call with you, at a time suitable for you, so we can better understand your business to know how we can best serve you.
  •   We ask for your brand story to understand your message
  •   Create a structure and outline for the copy.
  •   Write the profile that best represents your brand to make them see you in the best light. 
  •   Send the copy to our editors for proofreading.
  •   Submit the completed project to you.

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