Emails and Newsletters

Every business should use emails, whether to deepen the relationship you have with your existing customers or to convert new leads into paying customers. The benefits of emails are immersive. 

But the right steps have to be taken to completely reap the benefits of your email lists. Without proper understanding and execution, you would always struggle with low open rates and poor engagements.

Why is a Newsletter Important?

Build Trust With Your Customers

You do this by giving out helpful information and updates on what’s happening in your company. When you can keep at this over a long stretch, your customers would become very loyal to you. Newsletters will make your prospects buy your product or use your services because of the relationship you have established.

Increase Awareness and Reach of Your Company

Customers and prospects usually have a limited perspective of your brand. With your newsletter content, you would be able to broaden your Customers’ views about your brand.

Position Your Brand As An Industry Expert

Everyone likes to do business with people that have proven to know their craft. And with your newsletters, you can position yourself as an Expert through the valuable insights you share. It’s always a good thing for your business to be a source of information because your customers would keep coming back to you.

Stay in the Minds of Your Audience

Reaching out to your customers at regular intervals, either weekly, quarterly, or monthly, keep your brand fresh in your audiences’ minds. Newsletters are cost-effective forms of advertising and marketing that allow your customers to contact you when they see things they like quickly.

Promote your Products and Services

There’s no better channel to share your product updates like your Newsletter. When your customers see that you announce special offers via email, they would be eager to check your emails each time the notification pops up.

Do You Want To Communicate Better and Make More Sales?

Why Hire Us for your Emails and Newsletters?

We Maintain A Conversational Tone

Think back to the traditional letters friends send to each other. They always had that conversational tone in them. Your readers will get bored if you’re too serious. That’s why we try to maintain a friendly tone to make them see you as a friend rather than a Company.

We Use Catchy Titles And An Engaging Tone

The success of every email depends on the title. If the subject line is not appealing enough, no one will click on it. We want to help you create emails that would not only improve open rates but it would be easy to read and get your readers to take action

We Understand The Right Timing Of Emails

There’s a fine line between too many emails and not enough. The sweet spot is where we come in. Depending on the kind of campaign you’re trying to run, we want to help you create emails that would get your email subscribers excited each time they see your emails.

We Make The Emails Scannable

Nobody wants extra work. If your Newsletter doesn’t allow for easy scanning, your readers won’t continue with your content because it would be like a chore.

We make sure to include paragraphs, subheaders, lists, and other text formats that make going through your email easy.

Our Process

  •   We get on a call with you, at a time suitable for you, so we can better understand your business to know how we can best serve you.
  •   We ask for your buyer persona to understand your target audience, their demographics, and the unique problems they face.
  •   Conduct keyword research to understand what your audience searches when looking for your product/service.
  •   Create a structure and outline for the newsletter.
  •   We write the email. 
  •   We use a conversational tone to ensure that the content is easy to read. 
  •   We send the post to our editors for proofreading.
  •   Submit the completed project to you.

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