Product Descriptions

Your eCommerce store needs a high-quality copy to turn your leads into paying customers. You cannot do it on your own, because a lot of expertise goes into writing copy that sells.

Our Copy helps to connect your store with the right buyer, making your product irresistible to the buyer. There are many products and many sellers. But with our copywriting skills and strategies, we would surely make you stand out.

Why is a Product Description Important?

Build Trust With Your Shoppers

Buyers buy from who they trust. The best Product descriptions don’t feel like a sale but like a conversation that describes the product in a friendly manner. Your product description gives the full detail of what you’re selling, which reduces the return rate.

Improve Your Website’s SEO

Your Product description not only helps your customers, but they also add points to your search ranking. SEO is essential for eCommerce stores because the majority of shoppers search Google or Amazon for the products they wish to buy online.

Provide Your Customers With The Necessary Information

Buyers tend to do a lot of research on products before finally deciding to buy. They do comparisons, availability, product fit, etc. 

Your work is to provide the necessary information they would need through the buying process with your product description.

Do You Want To Communicate Better and Make More Sales?

Why Hire Us For Your Product Descriptions?

We Sell The Transformation Not The Product

Many eCommerce stores get it wrong. Instead of focusing on the customer’s needs, they make it all about the product and its features. Features don’t sell, but benefits do. Let us help you create Copy that would make you more money.

We include phrases and words that your target audience would understand, rather than speaking to an unknown crowd.

We Optimize Your Store For SEO

We not only focus on creating descriptive content, but we ensure that the posts are SEO optimized to help you boost your organic reach. We write for humans and search engines. We understand that content overly focused on SEO has little focus on the readers, so that’s why we create content for your readers first before SEO.

We Pay Attention To Details

The majority of customers are interested in the details. They want to see more than the manufacturer’s descriptions. So, we go the extra mile to enquire about the details your product has to offer. This helps us write appealing product descriptions that interest your shoppers and convert them into paying customers.

We Create An Emotional Connection With Our Words

Buyers buy from who they trust. We understand this, and we have mastered the art of building emotional trust with our copywriting. Our skill, combined with your product, would make your buyers keep coming back to you.

Our Process

  •   We get on a call with you, at a time suitable for you, so we can better understand your business to know how we can best serve you.
  •   We ask for your buyer persona to understand your target audience, their demographics, and the unique problems they face.
  •   Then, we conduct research on your competitor to see the existing solutions and identify content gaps.
  •   We read reviews from customers, both happy and dissatisfied. Satisfied customers tell us what works and unhappy customers highlight the improvements they want.
  •   Conduct keyword research to understand what your audience searches when looking for your product/service.
  •   Create a structure and outline for the copy.
  •   Write the copy. We begin with questions targeting problems your audience wants to solve.
  •   Incorporate storytelling in content creation to show how your product/service solves a problem.
  •   Optimize for SEO using your primary keywords and LSI keywords.
  • Run the copy through SEMrush for readability and entity salience.
  • Send the copy to our editors for proofreading.
  • Submit the completed project to you.

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