Sales Brochure Copywriting

There’s so much noise on the internet. Sales brochures help to take your message out of the screen and put it in the hands of your readers. 

To make extra sales, you have to do something extra, and including sales brochures into your marketing campaigns is a step towards reaching more people. What’s your reason for marketing? To make a sale and get your name plastered in the mind of your competition, right?

At Elitefold, we are all about putting you one step ahead of your competition. Many businesses pay little attention to Brochure creation because it may seem like an old form of marketing, but it’s as effective as ever.

Why Are Sales Brochures Important?

There’s no better way to reach your target audience than with a brochure. Imagine you’re at a convention or retreat, and you have a service or product that helps the attendees of the convention. Wouldn’t that be a perfect time to share your brochures? Now picture how open people would be to receiving a brochure from you with a smile on your face. The connection you make with your prospects when you hand out the brochure is undefeated.

If you have your customers’ addresses, you can send your brochures directly to their front doors. There’s so much noise on the internet, and people need a break–a brochure does just that when you do your digital marketing, a brochure tattoo your brand in the minds of your customers.

Another use is at a restaurant counter. Have you not caught yourself looking at brochures on restaurant counters? To be above your competition, you have to adopt the habit of thinking outside the box.

Build Connections And Show How Professional You Are.

It is essential for your prospects to see you as a professional who they can trust. And a brochure does just that. It builds a connection when you hand out a brochure on a one on one basis. 

They add authenticity and credibility when they are appropriately designed. Your brochures are an extension of your brand. So, it’s essential to have them properly designed.

Imprint Your Brand In Your Prospect’s Mind

People like to hold on to beautifully designed and well-written brochures. You’re already one foot in the door when the prospect holds on to your brochure, and when you hit them with a follow-up, you’re likely to make the sale.

Online ads don’t last as long as a brochure would. Your customers may not pay as much attention to your PPC ad as they would a brochure.

A Powerful Reference For Later Use

Brochures have something that digital ads don’t have–the physical touch. Your customers would hardly save your video ad or your landing page for later. But they would likely keep a brochure for future use.

Advertise Limited Offers

When you have a limited offer, a brochure may just be the best method to use to get the word out. You can easily include a tear-off coupon on the brochure, which would improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Small startups and SMEs barely have the budget to handle heavy marketing campaigns. But for a brochure, you just need a Copywriter and a Designer. 

The beauty of it is, with its low cost, it is still beneficial to your marketing endeavors.

Use Interactive Flip-Books To Engage Your Prospects

Flipbooks show your versatility. They are a step forward from a brochure that also gives your customers that hands-on experience. The only difference is, printing is not needed.

Flipbooks can be used for magazines, ebooks, catalogs, brochures, reports, and digital menu cards.

Do You Want To Communicate Better and Make More Sales?

How do we help with your Sales Brochure Creation?

Strategic Planning

Every brochure has a purpose and a message, whether you’re trying to get funding for a cause, sell your products, get new clients, create awareness for new technology. We will help you with the direction of the brochure so that we can be better able to suit your audience.

Cutting-Edge Design

The first thing you notice from a brochure is how visually appealing it is. If a brochure is not well designed, nobody will hold on to it. Our team of graphic designers takes on every project with the same high level of expertise, which is sure to catch the eye of anyone that looks at it.

Engaging Content

One distinct feature you would quickly notice from a great brochure is how easy to read it is. People love brochures because they can easily get the information they need easily. We make sure to write conversational copies that persuade and inform.

Our Process

  • We try to understand your audience, message, and brand personality so that we can craft the best content to suit them.
  • We collect the necessary elements–company logo and contact address(email, website, and phone number)
  • Our team brainstorms on the best pictures, colors, and headlines that would grab your readers’ attention
  • We make a sketch with your audience in my mind
  • Design the final draft
  • We submit the softcopy to you
  • We give you recommendations for printing

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