SEO Copywriting Service

SEO Copywriting Service

Many brands have come to us to help them make their page rank on google? They had spent time writing copy and more time optimizing it for SEO, only to not find it anywhere, not even on the 3rd page of google.

It can be frustrating, but things are about to change for you. 

Our writers are skilled at On-page and Off-page SEO that would improve your organic search traffic, creating content that converts, and holding your readers’ attention till the very end.

We could help you optimize your marketing e-brochure, e-profiles, and case studies for optimum readability.

With us, it’s a win-win situation because when we drive in traffic to your website, we help you create compelling content that would make your readers want to share with their friends and community, thereby further increasing your page authority on google.

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?

In simpler terms, SEO Copywriting makes your website rank higher and turns whoever lands on your page into paying customers. Here are the reasons why SEO Copywriting is important.

Save Money on PPC

SEO saves you from spending on Paid advertising and allows you to get traffic organically. It targets your target audience using the right keywords.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Great SEO would help your website rank well on Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP). That’s not all. When they land on your page, the persuasive copy will close the sale.

Communicate to Search Engines And Humans Same Time

To rank on Google, you need to hire an expert that knows how to write for both search engines and humans. SEO Copywriting factors in Google’s ranking algorithm without snoozing off your readers. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

You may be losing tons of potential customers to your competitors for not taking SEO seriously. Your competition is optimizing their website for SEO and you’re not following suit, you’ll fall behind. 

Do You Want To Communicate Better and Make More Sales?

How Do We Spell-bind Traffic To Your Website?

Write The Perfect Content-Length For SEO

Your page length plays a vital role in your search ranking. Do you know that Google favors longer and more quality content than lesser ones? Our SEO Copywriters know the right length to make your page rank high.

Subtly Include Keywords And Avoid Google’s Penalties

You don’t want to get into the bad books of Google. Our SEO Copywriters know the drill, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting into problems with google. We include keywords naturally, to ensure that it flows effortlessly as you read.

SEO Friendly Meta-Tags And Description

Meta-tags and descriptions are very vital to ranking your website on google.

It takes skill to write SEO-friendly meta-tags and descriptions. One wrong move can harm your search ranking.

Persuasive Writing

What’s Copywriting without persuasion? Persuasion is the bone of every successful copy. It ensures that your product sells using our actionable call to action that your readers cannot help but to follow.

Our Process

  •   We get on a call with you, at a time suitable for you, so we can better understand your business to know how we can best serve you.
  •   We ask for your buyer persona to understand your target audience, their demographics, and the unique problems they face.
  •   Then, we conduct research on your competitor to see the existing solutions and identify content gaps.
  •   We read reviews from customers, both happy and dissatisfied. Satisfied customers tell us what works and unhappy customers highlight the improvements they want.
  •   Conduct keyword research to understand what your audience searches when looking for your product/service.
  •   Create a structure and outline for the copy.
  •   Write the copy. We begin with questions targeting problems your audience wants to solve.
  •   Incorporate storytelling in content creation to show how your product/service solves a problem.
  •   Optimize for SEO using your primary keywords and LSI keywords.
  • Run the copy through SEMrush for readability and entity salience.
  • Send the copy to our editors for proofreading.
  • Submit the completed project to you.

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