We cater personalized content services as we are aware that each customer’s needs are unique. We will create a custom plan if you require two or more of our services.

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Website Content Writing

When it comes to converting website visitors to customers, first impression is extremely important. Our website content writing service allows you capture the attention of your readers and prompts them to act on your call to action. We achieve this by creating catchy headlines, using SEO keywords and producing content that speak directly to your visitors and addresses their needs.

Marketing/Advertising Materials

At Elitefold, we know that your marketing materials are pivotal in expressing your brand and play an important part of your marketing strategy. This is why we help you create effective marketing materials to achieve your goal. These materials include brochures, flyers, postcards, and many more.

Technical Writing

We create a wide range of technical documents for your business needs. We can also revise your existing technical documents in order to achieve your corporate goals. Our service includes creating, preparing, editing and proofing any and all of your company-related documents.

Business Plans

If you’re looking to secure the necessary loan or investment for your business, you will need to present a compelling business plan to your potential investors. Our dedicated team of business plan writers will work with you closely to understand the needs of your company and prepare a top-notch proposal needed to convey your business plan accurately to your target audience.

Product Descriptions

We have a team of professional copywriters with experience in creating content for businesses across a diverse range of industries. It doesn’t matter whether you want your product description to be formal or casual, we will deliver exactly what you need.

Email Marketing

One of the best ways to market your products and services is through email marketing. And if you’re looking to create a successful email marketing campaign you need a reliable content writing service. We are adept at creating compelling email campaigns that improve the email opening and clickthrough rates as our email content are crafted to engage your audience on an ongoing basis.

Blog Articles

You might ask why your website should include blog posts when you have the basic pages set up already. The benefits of having a blog on your website are numerous.

When you are interested in building authority in your industry and improving conversion rates, what you need is a blog incorporated to your website with aggressive content marketing. We will help you populate your website with actionable content that will get your customers at the edge of their seats.

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Product Reviews

Are you launching an online marketplace and need sizzling description for your products? Or better still need a comprehensive review of your product to know how best to close sales on your prospects? You are in the right place.

We have been in the business for more than 5 years and written captivating description for tons of products. We know exactly what your customers want to hear and what to tell them to make a buying decision. Contact us today!

Featured Product Reviews

Sales Copy

Businesses thrive when the right audience are properly informed. Advertising or sales copies that range from cold mail and sales letters to flyers and banners are some of the means by which you can get the words out to your prospective customers.

We will create compelling copies with the dash of pizzazz that will get your customers to tick.

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Content STrategy

We have worked with a lot of clients with different needs and that has helped us broadened our expectations of our growing clientele’s demands. Whatever material you need to populate; sales brochure, sales email, or website content, we have proficient writers who will help you realize and ace your content marketing goals.

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SEO Strategy

Incorporating  search engine optimization techniques and strategies is important if you will ever be found online! You really should not be focusing on putting the right words together when you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business that matter most. The elitewriters at Elitefold are SEO specialists waiting to get your business to a larger audience

Featured SEO Case Study

Creative CopyWriting

When it comes to being creative, the service of one who not only works as a creative writer is needed, you also need one that has a passion for writing and is able to bring originality and creativity to the table. Elitefold ticks all boxes! Our writers are up to the task and constantly willing to take on new tasks. When you need contents that are carefully and creatively written for your e-books, novels, manuals and manuscripts, we have got you.

Featured Creative Copywriting

Great writing and artwork design. Working with Elitefold was amazing. They went the extra mile to provide exactly what we were looking for. We would definitely recommend them and collaborate again. MV

RichieB, CEO @ Muzicvue



High quality content I will most definitely use their services again. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jhon Smith, CEO @ Pencilssoft



Elitefold helped us convey a simple and impactful background story for our company and i couldn't be more pleased. They were very thorough and deliberate about ensuring they delivered on their offer. I'd definitely recommend them for company profiles.

Thomson Polan, CEO @ KeystoneTax



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