What they frequently ask, and how we usually answer.


We have consulted with businesses in a wide range of industries and we know for a fact that a one-size-fits all does not work for all of our clients and that is the more reason why we have attached a “Request for call back” at the bottom of this FAQ. However, below are some of the popular questions from our past clients. 

What sort of articles does Elitefold write?

Elitefold is made up of a team of professional copywriters that have written everything from full-scale website content, to information articles, how-to articles, blog posts and business plans. You can check our service section for more on the type of content we create.

Does Elitefold rewrite previously written content?

Definitely. However, we will check whether or not you own the copyright to the article. After that we will determine if we should write a new piece or fix the one you currently have.

I am not satisfied with the project. What are the parameters for requesting a revision?

Typically, we give you 72 hours to review an article and you can request for revision within the 72-hour window. Our writers usually finish the requested revision within 24 hours.

I’m about to use your service for the first time, what do I need to provide?

In this case, we expect you to provide the following information:

  • A topic or subject matter
    • Audience you wish to reach
    • Tone and perspective
    • Style and reason for the article
    • Example(s)
    • Information to review for the author

However, we will ideally forward a questionnaire to fetch your specific requirements depending on your project type or get on a call with you. 

What will it cost?

We charge a simple, pre-agreed flat rate per job.

Our rates reflect the time and effort we put in, our experience, the advice we offer and the value we add to your business.

Just fill our request for a quote form and we’ll  be happy to quote for your project.

Why don’t you charge by the word?

Because words aren’t all alike. A three-word slogan might take as long as a 1000-word SEO article. Some subjects are more complex than others.


Why don’t you charge by the hour?

So you don’t lose out if good ideas take a little time to come.

(And we don’t lose out if they don’t.)

Why should I pay so much just for someone to write something?

Our clients come for the writing, but stay for the thinking.

Considering your content in partnership with us will open up new perspectives on your value proposition, brand and marketing.

When you invest in good copy, you’re not just paying someone to carry out a task. You’re buying an asset that will generate a return. Good copywriting pays for itself many times over.

Why shouldn’t I just use someone cheaper?

Buying copy is like buying a suit, a car or a meal. You get what you pay for.

You can certainly go cheap and cheerful if you want, but you tend to reap what you sow.

As we’ve said, our prices are in the midrange. Our services offer a good cost/benefit equation for many types of organisation, and our clients include many sole traders and SMEs.

Will you do free sample?

Probably not, although you’re welcome to ask.

There are plenty of samples to read in our portfolio.

We’re always happy to provide additional samples not available on this site, and/or put you in touch with one of our existing clients directly.

How do you usually work?

We accept an email as authorisation to begin work.

We often use telephone interviews as a way to generate raw material. Or we can work from your notes.

We prepare a first draft, often incorporating comments and queries, and send it to you.

Based on your feedback, we revise the draft until you’re happy.

Finally we submit our invoice. Usual terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

How long does it take?

This depends on the size of the project and our workload when you approach us.

We tend to operate on short timescales and can often begin work within a week.

We’ll let you know the best and worst case timescales before you commit to using us.

Can we meet?

We’d love to!

We already have too many clients with whom we only deal by phone or email.

So if you’re in Lagos, give us a call or email us. We’d be happy to meet up and chat.

For larger confirmed projects we’re happy to travel anywhere for a meeting.

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