Web Content WritingWhat makes an excellent copy

The internet is filled with the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to web copies. So, the question is, how do you separate good writing from the bad?

For starters, an excellent web copy should be well written with no grammatical, punctuation and spelling error.

But beyond this, there are specific features that differentiate a brilliant web copy from a sloppy one.

Let’s get started.

  1. It is structured

Professional copywriters always know what they want to say and how to write it down in a structured format. You can easily tell if a web copy is structured because the words make a clear point right from the beginning.

But beyond clarity in the first few paragraphs, a brilliant copy will remain engaging while maintaining a logical flow throughout as well as providing smooth transitions between points.

It is clear that the writer’s ideas are sequential and not all over the place. Also, there is a conclusion that summarizes the important points in the body and there’s a call to action that effectively links the reader to the next step which could be finding other relevant information or making a purchase.

  • It is targeted

Brilliant copywriters will always ask the question, “who am I writing for and what do I intend to achieve?”

Answering this question from the get-go, make it easy to gather one’s thoughts and drill down to the necessary information that ought to be contained in the copy.

Also, top copywriters always consider SEO and are quite conversant with the essential keywords that are to be used in the copy.

The ability to write purposefully ensures that the impact of the content can be properly evaluated after it has been published.

  • It blends with the business

Every company has a unique style and it is important that every part of the company’s marketing message blends with this style, this includes the web content.

Professional copywriters always check the overall tone, and ensure that what they’re writing fits and achieves consistency across the board.

  • It is conversational

A web copy should address the target audience and in order to achieve this it is best, it is written in a conversational style. This makes it easy to connect with readers.Also, excellent web copies are devoid of complex jargon in order to ensure maximum comprehension.

  • It is authentic

It is very likely that the topic you want to write about has been covered by someone else on the internet. However, an excellent web copy produces information in a different way by giving a unique perspective on the subject matter.

Top-notch copywriters usually build their content around the unique value proposition of the company they are writing for which ensures the content is authentic.


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